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I am a human being then girl, a daughter, a sister, also an optimistic, lovable, kind, sensitive & honest life coach, dermatoglyphics consultant, personality developer, speaker and highly-obsessed about understanding the human mind.

My Story

Long story in a short way- My Life was like a scary roller coaster ride, I was afraid of every single thing in life! I hated to live every single day because I was bullied, not good in studies, teachers use to throw notebook on my face with the statement “I am not good for anything,” was surrounded with all fake friends. All this got stretched up till my 12th standard but I always knew that I wanted to do something in life but it wasn’t a cakewalk for me. There comes always the worst path before the best one, again I got confused where am I and what actually is worth looking. So, I chose B.Com for my graduation and started with an online business named ‘Sukaza Fashion’. Sounds good right! Well, it was not but something better than before. Then, when I was 18 life was a total mess and I didn’t know what to do with that. I use to cry all day, became an angry young woman and destroyed everyone’s peace in my family. I clearly remember what happened on 27 December 2016. My mother was in a cranky mood and was totally tired of all this stupid stuff I did. She asked ‘what you really want to do?’ If you want to change your career path we are okay with that. Do whatever you feel like and now for the sake of god just think what you actually want in life. I wiped my tears away; she got dressed up and said ‘let’s go, we are going to change everything by today itself.’
I became tangled and unaware about what is happening but that particular day changed my life. That’s how it all started, I decided to choose psychology as my career option although I was 5 months late but luckily I got admission in the college. Now I honestly think I was meant for this! That day, that moment was a game changer of my life. From then till now I feel the day just rocketed my goals.
I became clearer about what I wanted to do. Then I became invincible and uncontrollable! It was Goddamn difficult to stop me. I have this hunger in me which tells me to achieve, achieve and achieve more. Although I failed many times but this failure taught me the best lesson of my life. I am glad that all this happened to me because without that darkness it was impossible to see the bright light.

People ask me

Who is at your back?

God is at my back! I believe that God is with me every time, everywhere or you can say maybe the whole universe is my back, my family members, my relatives, my co-workers, my teachers, my well-wishers, my haters and everyone who is connected with me in one or the other way. Even all the people who track me on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter or on any other social media platform, including you, is my back. Because without you this looks like an impossible dream!

What is your passion?

I am highly passionate about 3 things in my life and that’s Live live live, Learn Learn Learn and Work work work. Live to the best of my life So, that I have no regrets in life!
Learn to grow me every day So, that I can grow myself every day! Work to polish me every day So, that I can be fantastic housemaker and budding entrepreneur!

What is your motivation?

Honestly, at the beginning of my career my haters were my motivators but by the grace of god my career path made me more mature person so, I am my own motivator. I constantly want myself to be a better person every day!

What is your end Goal?

My end goal is to make others’ lives a better place to live.

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