Life coaching taught me a lot of life lessons. How a single judgement can make some people crazy, how some people get triggered by small things, how someone’s life totally depends upon what you say to them, but more than that one thing what I have learned being a life coach is how one can become a game changer of someone else’s life.

I feel glad that I have become a part of it, but it scares me too as many lives are dependent upon me. Well, it looks like it’s a profound job and it is really because all you need is that one step which brings out the best of others. However, it’s been a long time in this field and it interests me a lot.


What is Life Coach?

Life coach is the one who helps you to improve your life, achieve your goals, overcome obstacles, make shifts and changes in life. Life coaches give you what you deserve and desire for!

Areas in which life coaches work?

  • Personal growth
  • Professional growth
  • Spirituality
  • Physical health
  • Mental health
  • Relationships
  • Financial stability
  • Social wellness
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Career/ setting goals
  • And many more…

Till now approximately, I have coached more than 800 people and by the grace of god my clients are self-aware about what they need and are strong enough to achieve it. Their trust and hope are making me better every day in my professional and personal life.


Working with you means working with the most amazing human!


She always thanked me for being my client, and when I asked her why? Then she said: one should be always thankful for the one who is helping because without them you cannot help others.Her words changed my perception of thinking!

Dinky kothari

Everybody says that Kashish ma’am is an amazing human but to me, she is more than a human being who took hell out of me and gave me heaven to live!


All I will say is ‘she taught me how to roll in life’


There are very few people left on this planet who will help you unconditionally, Kashish ma’am is one among them.


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