Let me help you
to grow in life and
make your every day
worth living. It’s a high time
to unlock battles of
your life and live the best.
This journey with me will
truly help you to achieve
the life you desire
and deserve.

What People say

I never knew that I was this talented! Thanks, Kashish for bringing Light!


I thank my guardian angel for sending Kashish before I went for my Dentist Degree. I always knew I wanted to be a singer and now when I know my brain is capable of more creativity, the show is mine!


When she was explaining my report, my heart and mind were like – Hell Yes, Hell Yes, Hell Yes!


I was moved by the concept of DMIT. Honestly, I was not able to find the right path for me. I was confused but after getting my DMIT done, I had a different vision about myself. The moment she gave me 5 top career options according to my Brain lobes and Multiple intelligence, at that point I was like man this is so true!

Lavish, Pune

Every word she said was so true.

Radhika, Udaipur

I can write tons of pages what I feel right now! It’s like yesterday I was questioning myself as a parent and now, I exactly know what to do!


I wish I had Kashish and DMIT in my childhood. But now when I know myself, I know how to be the best version.


Catch me on

I will be so happy to catch you!

In whatever way you are flexible

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